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Alabama, Coronavirus, Trump: NPR

Republican Senator Martha McSally, seen here in 2019, is losing money to her challenger in Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

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Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Republican Senator Martha McSally, seen here in 2019, is losing money to her challenger in Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

To take control of the US Senate, Democrats must net three seats in November if former Vice President Joe Biden wins, and four if President Trump is re-elected.

It once looked like a near impossibility, but it becomes a real opportunity.

Republicans have a 53 to 47 majority in the Senate, with the Democrat side including two independents caucus with them.

Five Republican prosecutors look increasingly vulnerable, with their race labeled as “throwing up” by Cook’s political report. At the same time, a Democrat, Doug Jones from Alabama, is viewed as in real danger.

These five Republicans are Ariasons Martha McSally, Colorado’s Cory Gardner, Maines Susan Collins, Montana’s Steve Daines and North Carolina’s Thom Tillis.

Collection reports from the Federal Election Commission provide glimpses of democratic strength. In Arizona, for example, challenger Mark Kelly has so far surpassed Republican sitting McSally by about $ 12 million.

In total, there are 11 states that Cook labels as throwing or “leaning” against some party. Republicans have fundraising benefits in six of these states, but in several of these races, the Democrat’s latest FEC report is a little outdated, which probably underwrites the candidate’s collected money. For example, last week, challenger Cal Cunningham in North Carolina announced that he raised about $ 7 million in the second quarter.

So keep that in mind as you look at how money runs in each of the 11 competitions:

Democratic goals:

Arizona (McSally sitting, throwing up)

– Kelly, D: $ 31.3 million raised, $ 19.7 million cash on hand

– McSally, R: 19 million collected, 10.3 million cash on hand

Colorado (Gardner sitting, throwing up)

– Gardner, R: $ 15.7 million collected, $ 9.3 million cash on hand

– John Hickenlooper, D: $ 12.6 million raised, 5.9 million cash on hand

Maine (Collins sits, throws up)

– Sara Gideon, D: $ 23 million raised, $ 5.5 million in cash

– Collins, R: $ 16.3 million collected, $ 5 million cash on hand

Note: Gideon is the favorite to win Maine’s Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Montana (Daines sits, throws up)

– Daines, R: $ 9.4 million raised, 5.8 million cash on hand

– Steve Bullock, D: $ 5.9 million collected, $ 4.1 million cash on hand

Note: Bullock’s collection report only goes through May 13, while Daines goes through June 17.

North Carolina (Tillis seated, throw up)

– Tillis, R: $ 11.7 million raised, 6.5 million cash on hand

– Cunningham, D: 7.7 million dollars raised, 3 million cash on hand

Note: Cunningham’s collection report only goes through March 31, while Tillis’ goes through June 9.

Georgia (Perdue seated, lean R)

– David Perdue, R: $ 13.2 million raised, 9.4 million cash on hand

– Jon Ossoff, D: $ 4.1 million total, 1 million cash on hand

Note: Ossoff’s collection report goes only until May 20, while Perdue goes through June 20.

Georgia (Loeffler seated, lean R)

– Kelly Loeffler, R: $ 11.7 million raised, 6.1 million cash on hand

– Doug Collins, R: 2.5 million collected, 2.2 million cash on hand

– Raphael Warnock, D: 1.5 million dollars raised, 1.2 million cash on hand

Note: The November election is one special options and would go to a runoff if no one gets more than 50%. These three candidates led a new study of the race.

Iowa (Serious sitting, lean R)

– Joni Ernst, R: $ 12.3 million raised, 7 million cash on hand

– Theresa Greenfield, D: 7.1 million collected, 4.7 million cash on hand

Note: Greenfield’s collection report only goes through May 13, while Ernsts goes through June 30.

Kansas (Open seat with Senator Pat Roberts departing, lean R)

– Barbara Bollier, D: $ 3.5 million raised, 2.4 million cash on hand

– Bob Hamilton, R: 2.2 million collected, 2.2 million cash on hand

– Roger Marshall, R: 2.1 million collected, 1.9 million cash on hand

– Kris Kobach, R: $ 595,000 collected, $ 317,000 cash on hand

Note: The state primaries are August 4th.

Republican Goals:

Alabama (Jones seated, lean R)

– Doug Jones, D: $ 11.8 million raised, 8.3 million cash on hand

– Tommy Tuberville, R: $ 4 million raised, $ 448,000 cash on hand

– Jeff Sessions, R: 2.2 million raised, $ 500,000 cash on hand

Note: The Republican election is Tuesday. Jones’ collection report only goes through March 31.

Michigan (Peter’s sitting, lean D)

– Gary Peters, D: $ 15.8 million collected, $ 8.8 million cash on hand

– John James, R: $ 13.1 million raised, $ 8.6 million cash on hand

4 Things To Watch This Week:

Jeff Sessions talks to the media after voting in Alabama’s primary election in Mobile, Ala., On March 3.

Vasha Hunt / AP

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Vasha Hunt / AP

Jeff Sessions talks to the media after voting in Alabama’s primary election in Mobile, Ala., On March 3.

Vasha Hunt / AP

1. Matching Senate in Alabama Later: There are elections in Alabama, Maine and Texas on Tuesday.

The Marquee race is the runoff from the Alabama Republican Senate, which pits former Senator Jeff Sessions against former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville. Back in March, Tuberville took the top spot in the GOP primary with 33% of the vote to Sessions 32%. To win the nomination, a candidate needs more than 50% of the vote. Now, with it a two-man race, Tuberville is seen as the favorite. Sessions has asked for debates, which Tuberville has not agreed to. And even though Sessions was the first US senator to support Trump, Trump backed Tuberville and tweeted against Sessions. “Alabama, don’t trust Jeff Sessions. He let go of our country,” Trump tweeted. All because Sessions withdrew from the Mueller investigation as Trump’s attorney general.

2. Coronavirus cases continue to jump …: About 135,000 Americans have died and more than 3 million Americans have been infected. And Sunday brought more bad news for Florida, which reported 15,299 new cases of coronavirus – the largest one-time increase in any state since the pandemic began. And almost half of Florida’s intensive care units are reported to be at least 90% full. Governor Ron DeSantis claimed last week that Florida’s curve was “flatter” than other places, making the virus hang longer.

3. … And Trump passes the money: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s best communicable disease expert, says he has not informed Trump about the corona virus in two months and the last time he saw him in the White House was June 2. And yet, Trump is now trying to blame him. “Dr. Fauci is a nice man, but he has made many mistakes,” Trump told Fox News. No matter who the president is trying to send the money to, the Americans don’t approve of how he handled the pandemic. An ABC News / Ipsos survey found that only 33% approved his handling of it, while 67% disapproved. It is record low, which is also reflected in an average of the votes.

4. Trump is trying to push other areas: Trump is pushing for schools to reopen this fall, and there may be new guidelines to adapt to it from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But there may also be a series of executive orders from Trump, focusing on other areas such as immigration, China, manufacturing and even prescription drug prices. On Wednesday, Trump will travel to Atlanta to discuss transportation and infrastructure. And we will see if the president announces another rally after interrupting his planned outdoor in New Hampshire that was supposed to take place this past weekend. It was canceled due to the threat of a tropical storm. Trump is looking for anything to keep him out of this political hole he has dug for himself.

Quotes for the weekend:

“I’ve never been against masks, but I think they have a time and a place.”

After months of refusing to wear one, Trump was photographed wearing a mask during a visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Saturday. Employees reportedly “appealed” to him to wear one.

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