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Air safety "deteriorates during the day" at the end of the shutdown, warns union leaders

Union leaders representing air traffic controllers, pilots and airmen are deeply concerned about the nation's aviation security when the partial government closes today 33.

A joint statement was released on Wednesday by the presidents of the National Air Traffic Controller Association NATCA, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) and the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA warned of unfair risk to the safety and security of airlines and travelers.

"This is already the longest government's suspension in the history of the United States and there is no end in sight," the federal leaders said. "In our risky industry, we can't even calculate the level of risk currently in play, or predict the point that the whole system will break. It's never been seen before."

Invited "Congress and the White House to take all necessary steps to concluding this suspension immediately, "said the federal leaders that they found it" unthinkable that airline professionals be asked to work without pay and in an aviation security environment that is deteriorating by the day. "

Speaking on CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night, NATCA's President Paul Rinaldi said he did not intend to "save anyone" when the statement was issued but that his concern was both deep and real.


Food you should never buy at the airport

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Soft pretzels

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Guilty Pleasures

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Sugary yogurt

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Double-Decker Sandwiches

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Water bottles

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Whatever your stomach is not used to

When you are sitting in close range for hours at the end, you want to avoid foods that do not tend to sit well with the digestive system. Stay away from foods that can normally interfere with your stomach, like some types of fiber or fatty foods. "A hamburger and french fries or fried chicken before going on a plane may not be the best idea," says Nolan Cohn. "They have a higher potential for triggering diarrhea or GI problems." HIDE CAPTION


He warned that air traffic controllers "in many of our busy facilities across the country" currently worked six to 10 hours a week due to a "staff crisis" worsened by the suspension.

"Government needs to open now, "he said." Our national airspace system is an economic engine for this country. $ 1.5 trillion in gross domestic product annually, 11 million well-paid jobs, and it moves packages and people from all over the world. We cannot allow this to be reduced by 50 percent. It will affect everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. "Earlier this month, the air traffic controller became the third group of federal employees to sue the Trump administration for the suspension. NATCA filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary punishment order against the federal government claiming that it had violated the fifth amendment by to rob inspectors of "hard-earned compensation without the required procedure."

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