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AG Barr is not legally obliged to release full Mueller report, says Alan Dershowitz to Sean Hannity

The trump administration is not legally obliged to make the full report of public specialist advisor Robert Mueller on his investigation in Russia, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz said during a look at Fox News "Hannity" on Monday night.

As a democratic lawyer Attorney General William Barr to release the entire report without any editorials, Dershowitz used "Shoe on the Other Foot" test to show that the Trump administration does not have to meet Democrats' demands.


"There is nothing in the regulations that require disclosure", says Dershowitz "and the best test is the shoe on the second footstep. We go back to [former FBI Director James] Comey's statement if Comey had said "We won't say Hillary Clinton on the emails" and the Republicans said "Wait a minute. We heard you have a report saying she was extremely sloppy. We want you to let it go, "The Democrats had jumped up and down and said," No, no, no. Prosecutors do not say anything negative about people they have not accused of. "All they have to do is announce" no prosecution. "

  Alan Dershowitz

" Now everything has changed, "Dershowitz continued." And it is the Democrats who want to know why there were no charges. They want to know what the split was between those who wanted to charge and not take an obstacle to justice. The law does not allow it to be released. "[19659007] Dershowitz said Barr could use his discretionary discretion regarding the release of the Mueller report, but" no court would order "him to release the whole thing. He also warned that innocent people can fall for "dairy case." [19659003] CLICK HERE TO FOX NEWS APP

"If an innocent person testifies to the truthfulness and someone else witnesses the convert and if the prosecutor chooses to believe in the other person, you have fallen into a dairy herd, "said Dershowitz. Therefore, I think the president was entitled not to testify to Mueller and why I think bourgeois libertarians should be very worried about criticizing a one-sided report that only saw one side of history and did not lead to prosecution

"It is traditionally not done – and in any case, the courts must be asked to come in and decide what can be shown and what can not come from great lawyers. "

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