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After New Zealand's attack, Trump turns attention elsewhere

Since the administration waits for the publication of special councilor Robert Mueller's report to Russian interference in 2016, Trump chose there " not being a Mueller report "at all.

"So if it was deliberate and confirmed that it was" broken "when the Special Adviser was appointed and if the appointment was made on the basis of the false dossier (paid by Crooked Hillary) and now Andrew McCabe & everyone dispelled no offense), then the Special Advisor (should ) Never had been appointed and there would be no Mueller report, this was an illegal and conflicting investigation in search of a crime, Russian Collusion was nothing more than an excuse for the Democrats to lose a choice that they believed they would work. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO A PRESIDENT AGAIN! "he wrote in three consecutive tweets .

Trump had no events on his public schedule during the time of his tweets, but is scheduled to travel to the Pentagon later Monday morning for defense manager meetings. He comes back to the White House in the afternoon, where he will have lunch with Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo.

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