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Aeroflot jet was heavy with extra fuel before deadly crash landing

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Associated Press

MOSCOW – A Russian airline that took Speed ​​from Moscow was airborne for just 28 minutes before returning to make an emergency landing while still heavy with unburned fuel, which then ignited after a rough blow.

Flames quickly swallowed the aircraft and killed 41 of the 78 people on board. The victims included a recent graduation from Santa Fe, New Mexico, which was about to serve as a fishing guide in northwestern Russia.

One day after the Sunday accident at Sheremetyevo Airport, Russian news media cited the pilot Denis Evdokimov, who said he followed overweight landing procedures. But the crew did not dump any fuel that is common to flights that must land shortly after takeoff to prevent them from being too heavy.

The pilot said he didn't know why the Aeroflot plane landed hard. Video showed that flames burst from the underside of the beam as it moved and then hit the back of the Sukhoi SSJ100's fuselage within seconds when the airline bounced on the runway.

Emergency worker at the crash site. Sergei Vedyashin / AFP – Getty Images

When the planet ceased, some of the people aboard inflatable slides deployed from the plane forward.

Some of those who fled had luggage and raised concerns that grabbed their bags may have delayed an evacuation where every second was critical.

"I don't know what to say about people running out of bags. God is their judge," Mikhail Savchenko survived on Facebook.

Evdokimov, the pilot, said the plane had lost radio communication because of a lightning strike, but it was not clear if it fell into the emergency landing.

Russia's foremost investigating agency said that both aircraft's flight recorders – data and voice – were recovered from the charred wreck. The agency's spokeswoman Svetlana Petrenko was also quoted by Russian news agencies on Monday and said that the investigators investigated three main opportunities behind the cause of the disaster: inexperienced pilots, equipment failures and bad weather.

Aeroflot jet's destroyed flight. HANDOUT / City News Agency Moscow / AFP – Getty Images

Storms passed through Moscow when the plane landed.

SSJ100, also known as the Superjet, was ruled when it began to be used in 2011 as a new phase for Russia's civil aviation industry. It was introduced as a replacement for outdated Soviet-designed aircraft.

But the planet has been worried by concerns about defects in the horizontal stabilizers. Russian Aviation Authority in 2017 ordered inspection of all Superjets in the country due to the problems. A Mexican airline, Interjet, grounded Superjets in December 2016 and later said it was jamming them out of the fleet.

Transport Minister Yevegny Dietrich said on Monday that it was too early to decide whether to plan the plan in Russia.

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