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Actor Steven Seagal appointed the Russian Ministry's "Special Representative"

According to the statement, the role of action stars will be to promote relations between the United States and Russia "in the humanitarian area", adding that the role will include cooperation "in culture, exchange of public and youth issues".

The Foreign Ministry said that the unpaid role will resemble UN ambassador positions.

Seagal, who became a Russian citizen in 2016, is a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He participated in Putin's latest redemption ceremony in May.
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Seagal has been a reputable supporter of Putin who goes so far as defending his government against allegations of electoral mediation in the U.S. He told Piers Morgan on the British ITV network "Good Morning Britain" last year. "To believe that Vladimir Putin had something to do with the election, or even that the Russians have that kind of technology, is stupid."

"And this kind of propaganda really is a diversion … so the people in the United States do not really see what's happening," he added.

In the interview, Seagal also praised Putin as "a great world leader" and a "brilliant tactician".

In 2013, BuzzFeed reported that Putin suggested President Barack Obama that Seagal serves as a commander of Russia to improve relations between the two countries. In the same year, the Republican Republic Dana Rohrabacher Seagal credited with facilitating meetings for a congress delegation that visited Russia in the wake of the bombings in Boston Marathon to investigate suspicious backgrounds and discuss intelligence issues.

CNN has reached Seagal's spokesman for comments.

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