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ACHES reveals the greatest concern for Modern Warfare after the gameplay reveals

Team Envy s Patrick & # 39; ACHES & # 39; Prince discussed the biggest positive and negative effects of the Call of Duty Modern Warfares game after looking at the first multiplayer revelation on July 11.

The Call of Duty multiplayer gig reveals focused only on a new 2v2 mode called & # 39; Gunfight & # 39;. As always, the society was very excited to check out what was in store in the upcoming addition to the CoD franchise.

Envy Captain ACHES, a two-hour World of Call of Duty World Champion and veteran of the competing scene, was one of the first to comment, referring to a key issue with the game in the game.


Modern Warfares new "Gunfight" mode seemed to show worrying motion changes.

"What I don't like is how the clunky movement" appears, "he says." Watching vs vs play is completely different. But jumping, jumping, etc. look like battlefield-like. "

He seemed disappointed with a possible movement change and it could spell problems for the success of Modern Warfare. Call of Duty games are known for their free flow and a change like this can make the game feel clumsy and less receptive than previous titles – something that no one wants.

However, it is not all stupid and gloomy, because ACHES was happy about a change to sprint and apparently excited about a return of tactical and deadly grenade options. much, probably slow down the game and promote the further use of tactics and strategy, rather than quick targeting.

"Really look like you can't sprint A in the fighters, "he said." It seems like it will be all the positive advantage. The part I love, at least. Tacitcals / Lethals back in full force as well. "

Overall, the negatives seem to outweigh the positives, but there is still much left to reveal to the newest iteration of Call of Duty. already responded to a number of concerns that the multiplayer experience is "too different."

The next game discovery will happen on August 1 where we will hopefully find out if the movement is really as clumsy as it seems.
[19659003] So far, casual and competitive players will pour over every detail so far revealed to try to find some Easter eggs or answers to their ever-growing list of questions.

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