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Abigail Disney “confused” by the company’s decision to reopen Florida parks

Abigail Disney told CNBC on Thursday that she did not understand Walt Disney’s decision to reopen the company’s theme parks in Florida, a state that sees coronavirus cases hovering.

“I’m not looking at the same information they’re looking at, but given what I know … I’m confused about how they think they might be able to protect their guests and employees,” the Disney heir to Squawk Box said. “

Disney, the grandson of the company̵

7;s co-founder Roy Disney, said the reopening of the parks near Orlando puts employees in a particularly difficult position.

“I probably know people who work there who are very uncomfortable, who have conditions like asthma and diabetes that put you at high risk, who literally decide if they want to go back to work or buy food,” she said.

Disney’s phase resumption of its theme parks in Florida began Saturday with safety protocols such as mandatory worm policy and temperature screening. Capacity restrictions were also implemented.

Disney was among the first parks to close in Florida in mid-March when the country’s Covid-19 eruption accelerated. It was one of the last to reopen.

Last week, Disney chairman Josh D’Amaro told CNBC that the company feels “really good” about the security measures it introduced. “There is a lot of trust here, both from our members and our guests, and we have a responsibility to deliver that trust,” D’Amaro said.

Asked if she transferred any of her concerns to the entertainment company’s management, the philanthropist and activist said: “The lines of communication are not robust.”

– CNBC’s Sarah Whitten contributed to this report.

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