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Abby Lee Miller's Doctor on the "Serious" condition as "almost disturbed" her stomach surgery (exclusive)

Abby Lee Miller's doctor opens her latest hospital stay.

Weight Loss Surgeon Dr. Michael Russo, who performed the star clinic Dance Moms star in the marble sleeve last year, tells exclusively ET about the underlying cause of her pain and why her condition has become so severe. Miller agreed that Dr Russo shared his current medical condition with ET after his meeting on Wednesday.

According to Dr Russo, Miler's current situation is "not good" after a source told ET that Miller was taken to hospital on Tuesday for a prolonged back injury.

Russo tells ET that Miller's pain derives from severe hypothyroidism, which occurred after she stopped taking one of her thyroid medications.

"Her hypothyroidism became so severe that she had an assortment of symptoms. Most dramatic is severe muscle and bone pain in the back, shoulders, arms and legs", reveals Dr. Russo. "When Abby first went to ER, she could hardly move [her] her arms and legs and had trouble walking out of bed. She was numbing and stabbing in her hands and feet. She could not even hold a spoon in her hand."

"Hypothyroidism can cause severe muscle cramps, weakness and pain. You may have difficulty moving your arms and legs. If left untreated, it is reported that people may become comatose," he explains. "This is a serious medical problem."

Dr. Russo says that Miller was "instructed to quit" taking her thyroid medicine by another doctor at the end of January, but that hypothyroidism led her to emergency emergency room twice.

"The good news is that we've picked it up quickly. She's already feeling better because we're backing her medicine back and she's on the way to recovery, but much damage has been done," he says. "A further consequence of being absent from medicine is that hypothyroidism can cause weight gain. This deepened a part of her stomach surgery and made her get some weight back. But she's back on track and coming back to where she was January. "

ET learned that Miller returned to her halfway house on Tuesday night, where she has served the rest of her prison sentence. The workshop star was released from the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, California, last month after eight and a half months behind the bars for bankruptcy fraud, and is scheduled to be released from the halfway house on May 25th.

Now, Dr Russo says his main focus is to get Miller back to where she was in late January when she was down in a mass and excited to come back to her life. " He says that Miller had lost almost 1

00 pounds since undergoing gastric surgery last year, and after meeting him on Wednesday, she is in "better spirits".

"She's in a much better place," he shares. "This is a revival of her life."

See more at Miller in the video below.

Reporting of Rande Iaboni.


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