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GREEN BAY – Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not expected to train for a second straight day, instead, his work continued to rehabbing his broken left knee.

Mike McCarthy coach said Thursday that Rodgers would be with the "rehab group", which is a term he uses to describe injured players who work with training staff while the rest of the lawsuits.

"We will try to do more today than yesterday, but we'll see how it goes," said McCarthy.

When you asked how Rodgers felt after spending all day Wednesday rehabbing the knee, McCarthy said, "I think he goes through the process. Of course, regardless of the protocol, I'm sure he's hurt today. Here is no layup. That's why it's a daily situation. "

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DeShone Kizer takes most snaps with No. 1- crimes under the team's sole practice in pads this week, but McCarthy said that third-quarter quarterback Tim Boyle would continue to get snaps as preparation for Sunday's meeting with Minnesota Vikings.

The packs do not need to appoint a Rodgers status on Friday and even then they can change it after their Saturday practice. Both McCarthy and Rodgers have not ruled out Rodgers who play without having any exercises this week.

Two obstacles must be cleared before Rodgers can play. First, he must be able to work without severe pain, and second, he must be able to move in his pocket to protect himself.

The packs do not practice Friday, so Rodgers has two days to work on his knee before the final preparation for Minnesota. It is possible that the decision whether he is playing will not be done until he tests his knee on Sunday morning.

McCarthy said that the recipient Davante Adams (shoulder) should be raised from the rehab group to "limited", which means he will likely be in pillows and will participate in some individual exercises. McCarthy said that inside linebacker Oren Burks (shoulder) would be limited as well.


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