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A two-year-old was killed and an 11-month-old shot in the head over the weekend in Philadelphia

The infant was shot four times – including once in the head — while in a vehicle Saturday night, CNN affiliated WPVI reported.

The shooting happened at about 1 p.m. 20 in Philadelphia & # 39; s Hunting Park area.

Less than 24 hours later, in Kensington, northern Philadelphia, a gunfire on opened a home from the outside and hit a 2-year-old behind the head, the news station reported, citing police. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

"No child should be murdered in their living room, it's just awful," said acting philosophy commissioner Christine Coulter, according to the news station. CNN has reached out to the Philadelphia Police Department.

The two-year-old's mother was also cared for in the head and back and is in stable condition at the hospital, the branch reported. A man in the home is also taken care of and is in critical condition.

Philadelphia police are conducting an investigation into the incidents, said Jim Kenney, the mayor of the city.

"Philadelphians should not live in fear of violence that could take away a child's life," he said in a tweet Sunday evening. "But for many, this is a sad reality. With the diminishing flow of illegal weapons and drugs, we must do what we can locally to deal with violence and help residents.

" We cannot protect our children "

There have been more than 270 homicides in the city of Philadelphia this year, according to statistics from the Philadelphia Police.

"I am physically ill because we as a nation cannot protect our children," said Pennsylvania State Rep. Movita Johnson-Harrell to CNN.

"It's not drug war, it's not gang war, it's small thieves, it's people with no common sense and easy access to weapons. They don't know how to solve their problems so they use weapons … what they do is catch a lot of innocent people in the crossfire. "

The representative said she is hopeful lawmakers will" do something very brief "in the form of gun violence in Philadelphia.

" The people who make the decisions and hold the strings of handles must put themselves in place for these families who now have to bury loved ones, & # 39; she said. "This cannot continue to be business as usual or politics as usual."

Another state representative weighed in on Twitter.

"Two babies were shot this weekend in Philadelphia," the rep said. Jordan A. Harris on a Sunday night .

CNN's Josh Girsky contributed to this report.

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