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A. I. will jeopardize jobs within the program level for the program level

The increase in artificial intelligence will also make software developers less sought after.

That’s because artificial intelligence will soon be writing its own software, according to Jack Dorsey, the technology billionaire manager for Twitter and Square. And it will put some software engineers at the beginning in a tough place.

“We talk a lot about the self-driving trucks and whatnot” when discussing how automation will replace jobs held by people, Dorsey told former Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang in a section of the podcast “Yang Speaks”

; published on Thursday.

But A.I. “even going to program” jobs, Dorsey said.

“Many of the goals of machine learning and in-depth learning are to write the software itself over time so that many start-up programming jobs just won’t be as relevant anymore,” Dorsey told Yang.

Currently, software engineers tend to have high paying jobs and are highly sought after.

In fact, software engineer is the seventh best job in the country for 2020, according to a ranking by the Glassdoor job site, with a median base salary of $ 105,563. (The ranking is based on a combination of factors including salary, satisfaction, number of job openings and more.)

Dorsey told Yang, who advocates Universal Basic Income, or UBI, that such free cash payments can be a “floor” for people to stand on if they lose their income due to automation.

A monthly scholarship could give established workers “peace of mind” that they will be able to “eat and feed their children as they learn to transition to this new world” by learning new skills, Dorsey said. UBI is not an excuse for not working, but rather a lifeline, according to Dorsey.

Of course, others disagree. Critics claim that UBI is primarily expensive, but also that it prevents people from holding jobs and thus removing people’s sense of purpose in society.

And Dorsey is not alone in her predictions that artificial intelligence offsets more than fast-food cashiers and truck drivers.

In November, the Brookings Institute released a report showing that artificial intelligence will increasingly jeopardize “white collar” jobs.

“Our analysis shows that workers with a degree or vocational degree will be almost four times as exposed to AI as workers with only a high school diploma. Holders of the bachelor’s degree will be most exposed to educational level, more than five times as exposed to AI than workers with just a high school, “says the Brookings Institute paper.

The Brookings Institute report ranked professions by their relative exposure to artificial intelligence, and computer programmers were the third most exposed occupation listed by market analysts and sales executives.

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