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A democratic candidate who favors "Medicare for All" will lose union votes in must-win states

A democratic nominee that supports replacing private health insurance with a state system would lose union voters in the battlefield. Democrats must win to turn President Trumps 2016 victory, according to union officials.

Democrats risk lowering the industrial Midwest to President Trump, the labor warned in interviews with Washington Examiner . Trump wins in Rust Belt states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin demolished what democracies were going to be a "blue wall" cemented by hard hats that would support Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Among the leading democratic contenders, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, propose to abolish private insurance and reverse medical care to Washington. Kamala Harris, who rocketed at the top level after an effective debate performance, has been secured. On a few occasions, she has promised to give the government complete control over healthcare, while on other occasions she has said she supports the maintenance of access to private insurance.

Leaders in the heart battle say members support former President Barack Obama's affordable spring pact, which includes private plans, and is jealous of protecting expansive health effects that have been won in tough negotiations with the company's employers. A nominee proposing that Obamacare be replaced with a single single system risks running this core democratic constituency in Trump's arms.

"We do not support the" Medicare for all "structure, we really do not support a state-run state-run system at the expense of those currently employers or negotiation plans," said Harold Schaitberger, Secretary General of the International Fire Brigade Association. , partly because of his commitment to Obamacare and private coverage. "For members of our union, it would be a major failure."

Ditto, said Gary Steinbeck, an official with AFL-CIO's Labor Council in Mahoning and Trumbull County In Ohio, the Union Heavy Duty Region was for generations a threat block for democratic presidential candidates until 201

6. Trump made significant inroads where and the Democrats' ability to recover lost ground and recover this turnaround could keep up with the position their nominees are taking in health care. 19659002] "Members have a level of comfort with private insurance, and To eliminate that, it would be a problem, ”says Steinbeck, who spent the quarter with United Steelworkers. "It would definitely create a problem trying to get votes from work colleagues."

Health care is a key priority for democratic voters. A debate on how to continue playing out in the party's 2020 primary, with some candidates proposing to garbage private insurance and others who propose to strengthen the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, by adding an option to purchase Medicare-style coverage from the federal government.

The working community is not monolithic on the issue. Some are cautious about insulting any of the candidates and refusing to take a clear stance.

Trade unions representing nurses and workers in certain other industries, as well as the public sector, tend to reclaim a public takeover of care.

United Automobile Workers, based in Detroit, declined to choose pages. But in a statement to Washington Examiner the union focused on advocating to preserve Obamacare. The trump administration asks the federal courts to throw out the law and claims it is unconstitutional.

"The UAW is targeting the millions of Americans who are facing danger to workers' courts against ACA that can negatively affect the economy and work," United Automobile Workers said. "No matter how this releases, ACA is an important first step and the UAW has a historic role in working towards health care as a right and not a privilege for all Americans."

Granted anonymity, a UAW official in a questioned Rust Belt state was more pointed when discussing how rank-and-file members could respond to a democrat who puts out to replace Obamacare with state-funded health care

"I am not against a public system as long as there is a private alternative. People should have the right to have a private option," said this official. "We have health care through our collective agreement, and so obviously we do not want to see ours. care deteriorates. "

Polling shows that voters are convinced of a state transfer and doubtful waiver of private insurance, even if they are dissatisfied with aspects of their coverage, especially the cost.

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