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A 9-year-old collects bottles to help pay for children's cleavage lip and palate repairs

"I was sorry," the fourth-grader from Eastchester, New York, told CNN. "I said, 'Dad, can we do something? I want to help these kids. "

" We found the cost of surgeries and blankets and teddy bears, "Abigail explained.

The organization profiled in advertising, Operation Smile, provides free surgical care for children with clenched lips and palate, including speech therapy and nutrition education. [19659004] "The operations cost as little as $ 240," Nicole Bell, Operation Smile's director of public relations, told CNN.

Abigail started collecting bottles to help families who couldn't afford the surgery account.

It was more than one years ago, and Abigail is still collecting bottles, so far she has received almost 7,000 bottles ̵

2; enough to cover at least one operation. "A bottle is worth 5 cents. We cash in a cart full of plastic and glass bottles or jars twice a week, "Erik Moen, Abigail's dad, told CNN.

  Abigail Moen pays bottles twice a week.

Abigail starts a movement

  Abigail Moen stands tall in his football team uniform.

The recyclable objects come from Moen's home, their job and even the neighbor's neighbor.

"The neighbor brings a bag with each recovery day and she told one of her friends," explained Erik Moen.

But Abigail does not plan to stay there; she plans a sale for to get more money to cover the operations.

"I have more ideas," Abigail said.

And when she doesn't help save the children's smiles, Abigail keeps busy with other hobbies.

"I like that play video game. I like to play the piano. I play the trumpet. Ballet. Football. Volley-ball. Arts and Crafts. "

Abigail's kindness

Abiigail's persistence and eagerness to make a difference does not surprise her parents.

" We are from Ecuador. She has seen third world countries and I show her videos of other children who are not so lucky. She always says she wants to help the poor. She has a very good heart, "her mother, Alexandra Moen, told CNN.

She wants to become a surgeon as she grows up and continues to help those with different health conditions.

" She is very good, "said her "When she thinks of something, nothing will stop her."

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