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A 13-year-old has died from vaping disease

Photo: Bloomberg / Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to CDC, gun-related illness (now called EVALI) has killed 33 Americans, the youngest being 13 years old. Another 1,479 have become ill, and health experts worry that the impending flu season will worsen conditions and potentially cause fatal complications.

These figures are up from a week ago, when the CDC reported 26 deaths and 1,299 diseases. CDC Chief Executive Anne Schuchat told lawmakers earlier this week, "This is extremely complicated and difficult. Half of the cases that require intensive care are fatal or potentially fatal. ”

Almost all EVALI patients are hospitalized as a result of their symptoms, which may include shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting. Dr. Brandon T. Larsen, a surgical pathologist, previously told the Times that lung biopsies of 17 victims showed “a pattern of lung injury that looks like a toxic chemical exposure, a toxic chemical smoke exposure, or a chemical burn. . "

Experts are still not sure exactly which products are responsible for EVALI cases, although most patients have reported vaping THC using oil cartridges on the black market. Still, the regulatory and corporate response has largely focused on nicotine products: the Trump administration weighs a ban on e-cigarettes, and Juul has interrupted the sale of fruity flavors.

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