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70 Percent of Casinos Plan to Add Skill-Based Games

According to a recently published survey, 70 percent of casinos claim that they’re planning to adopt skill-based games at some point in the future. Moving away from solely luck-oriented offerings, they’ll be providing their clients with the ability to shape their fortunes to a greater degree than ever before.

The survey, which was conducted by developer Synergy Blue, backs up an observation that has already been made by many within the industry: that the casino sector is in sore need of some new attractions to draw in the ever-growing online audience.

The appeal of skill-based games

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If there is one thing the gambling industry has always gone to great pains to provide its audience with, it’s variety. A single glance at a directory site like CasinoGames.ca is enough to show the comprehensive offer of casino games that are out there, with everything from slots to roulette to blackjack available to those who appreciate novelty and excitement in their gaming.

Yet there is always room for new innovations. Like any other sector, gambling has had to evolve along with its audience, which is why casinos are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase playing time and expand their demographic.

In the eyes of many, skill-based games could be the solution they’re searching for. As Synergy Blue CEO Georg Washington explains: “Competing in a landscape that’s growing more crowded all the time will continue to require casinos to provide new experiences for gamblers, and the emergence of skill-based games offers exactly that.”

It is believed that such developments will hold an especial appeal for younger millennials, who appear to prefer a more entertaining and immersive experience than current casino offerings can provide.

The importance of Generation X

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Most casinos claim that their revenue in recent years has experienced a series of ups and down. This is most likely because of the ever-evolving technology that’s becoming available, and the constant drive to stay competitive that’s been catalysed by these dramatic developments.

As a result, many casinos believe that it’s vital to actively seek out ways to drive foot traffic to their sites or premises and to provide engaging enough entertainments to not only draw their attention and custom, but also to keep it.

The study suggests that most casino operators view Generation X as being fundamental to their objectives, with 50 percent identifying this group as their target growth demographic over the next five years.

Interestingly, industry officials believe that this audience in particular will be drawn to skill-based alternatives, due to their well-documented love of video gaming – an entertainment that many of Gen X have grown up with.

Unsurprisingly when we take this into consideration, 67 percent of casinos thus believe that skill-based games will be helpful in appealing to a new generation of gamblers, whilst 81 percent are interested in their ability to deliver a different sort of player experience. 46 percent also think they could be beneficial in increasing their attractiveness to audiences due to their ability to diversify their existing product offerings.

With such extensive interest in the opportunities that such games might provide, it seems it will be just a matter of time before almost every casino is offering this new and exciting experience to its players.