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$7.4 Million Verdict Highlights The Importance Of Trucker Safety 

Trucking companies who are of the opinion that their oversized payloads will make it through gantries and underneath bridges might want to reconsider. A jury recently ruled in favor of a plaintiff and ordered the Texas-based trucking company Even Better Logistics to pay just over $7.4 million in damages. This occurred after the overloaded truck nicked a bridge and a chain and steel turnbuckle ripped through the plaintiff’s windshield, causing severe injuries that led to a loss of income. While the company might have insurance in place to pay for this type of demand, safe trucking is imperative.

Employ A Safety Checklist 

One of the arguments raised by the plaintiff in the case was that the trucking company was negligent by not providing the necessary safety inspections before the trip. If they did, they would have noticed that the payload was oversized. A simple phone call to the local police for an escort to a safer route or simply checking the height restrictions on that route before embarking on the journey would have prevented the accident. Every trucking company should have a safety plan in place to avoid unnecessary and completely avoidable accidents.

Maintaining A Safe 18 Wheeler 

18 wheelers are synonymous with long hauls and heavy loads, and for trucking companies, these heavy haulers can be expensive to maintain. On a vehicle this size, everything is more expensive from the wheels right down to the last nut and bolt. To trucking companies, it might seem tempting to delay servicing in order to save a few dollars, however, the effect of mechanical failure due to poor maintenance is far more costly. One of the most common reasons for a truck to be involved in an accident is due to mechanical failure. People who are injured in an 18 wheeler accident can ask for evidence of the truck’s maintenance schedule, and if it doesn’t check out, the owner of the company can be held liable.

Educate Drivers On Safe Driving Techniques 

Distracted and tired truck drivers lead the pack when it comes to trucking accidents. It also doesn’t help that trucks have enormous blind spots and little room for movement when there is an issue up ahead. For drivers, safe driving practices would include being alert at all times, obeying the rules of the road, and constantly keep an eye out for smaller cars and changes in traffic. In this case, a driver that was alert to the warning notices on the highway would have been able to prevent the incident.

There is very little room for correction when it comes to commanding an 18-wheeler, which means that all other aspects should be sound. This includes proper driver training, foolproof safety checks, and a regular maintenance schedule.