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65 new emoji to Android Q, including sloth, waffles

 Emoji on an Android phone

Whether you're using high fives, poop, or kisses, emoji has become a fixture in web-based conversations around the world. The pool of emoji is expanding all the time, and now Google has announced that it's bringing even more to Android.

The company announced that it's bringing 65 new emoji to Android as part of World Emoji Day. Some of the more noteworthy additions include a sloth, falafels, otter, diya lamp, garlic, waffles, service dogs, and orangutan, and a skunk. You can view all the additions below – click on the image for a closer look.

 The new emoji coming to Android Q.

Google says it's also included 53 gender inclusive designs for emoji where Unicode

"For example, the emoji for" police officer "is commonly shown as male and person getting haircut, which can reinforce gender stereotypes," Google explained in its press release. “With this update, no gender specified will default to a gender ambiguous design on Android — but you can still choose between male and female presentations if you want to get into a gender.”

Finally, the Mountain View company says it's also bringing 71 multi-skintoned couples to the latest set. Android Q. Are there any other additions you make to this set? Let us know in the comments!

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