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5-year-old boy is preparing his own death before he dies of childhood cancer

Family members are grieving the death of a 5-year-old boy who lost his fight against childhood cancer.

Using their parents, Garrett prepared his own death to tell the world just what kind of child he was. He was diagnosed with cancer nine months ago and died last Friday.

"What bothered me was he always asked," Why am I always sick? "" Said his mother Emilie Matthias.

There were words that broke Ryan and Emilie Matthia's heart for almost a year.

"We never necessarily talked about his funeral so we never had the conversation with him that he would die, but we had many conversations about it," Emilie told WPLG.

Garrett, a superhero fan and a lover of thrash metal music, might be better known as Great Garrett Underpants. He was not a typical child. His death sentence is a reflection of it.

"When I read, I thought" Wow, sounds like Garrett just yapping on me, "said Ryan.

Garrett detailed all the things he loved and everything he did not. He hated pants and needles and the disease.

Garrett also made some final requests: "No funeral because they are sad."

Instead, he wants a feast of five stud houses, one for each year he lived, one

The most unique request was a symbolic funeral ceremony.

"I want to be burned (like when Thor mother died) and made a tree so I can live when it's gorilla," said Garrett to his parents.

"We have cried sea tears for the past nine months and I think this is one of the things we can do to make his day, "Emilie

Garrett's celebration of life will take place this Saturday.

The symbolic funeral and his request for fireworks will happen at sunset.

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