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5 Ways IoT Technology Benefits You Every Day


Recently, you may have heard more and more about the internet of things or, as it is often abbreviated, IoT. This type of technology has become increasingly prevalent in the last few years and is starting to pop up more often in business and homes. The internet of things can be defined as a network of physical objects that can connect and exchange data with other IoT devices and systems using an internet connection. 

This technology is becoming more popular and more widely used because it provides a host of benefits for users.  It is no longer only found in high-tech companies or futuristic machines. IoT technology has found its way into many of the items the average person uses all the time. This technology helps make everyday life easier, more efficient, smarter, and safer. Here we will look at five of the top ways that IoT technology is benefiting people in everyday life. 


>1. Smart Household Applications

One of the most prevalent examples of IoT technology with which the average consumer interacts every day is smart home appliances. Chances are, if you have bought a new fridge, washer and dryer, dishwasher, or television in the last few years, it is part of the IoT. Likewise, you may have even gone a step further and purposely upgraded to IoT devices like a smart thermostat, doorbell, or lighting system. 


These products are putting control over your home in the palm of your hand; a huge benefit in today’s busy world. The convenience factor IoT devices deliver to users when they can interact with their appliances and home controls through an app on a smartphone is huge. 


These internet-connected features also benefit the world at large because it helps people conserve energy and water. In 2020, this is a huge benefit at a time when environmental issues are at the forefront of problems around the world. When IoT technology can benefit both you personally and society at large, that is always a nice situation. 


2. Virtual Assistants

The most straight forward IoT devices with which most people are familiar are virtual assistants for your home. Not familiar with IoT virtual assistants? Well, if you have ever asked Siri, Alexa, or Hey Google for help, then you have used an IoT virtual assistant. 


These voice-enabled, internet-connected assistants have technology that  enables them to “listen” to commands and access the internet to help you hear the latest news, play music, learn the weather forecast, or find a restaurant review. As part of the IoT, these devices can also interact with other IoT devices in your home and perform tasks such as turn on and play music through your wireless speakers or turn your IoT lighting systems on and off. 


These virtual assistants provide many of the benefits that having an actual assistant would but at a fraction of the cost and without dealing with a person. They also allow you to go about your business and get things done hands-free, a convenient perk. As this technology develops, it will be seen in ever more homes and businesses,  accomplishing more complicated and important tasks. 


3. Cloud-based Remote Monitoring

A cloud-based remote monitoring system uses IoT technology internet-connected sensors to monitor the environmental condition of an area used to manufacture, store, or transport temperature, humidity, or pressure-sensitive products such as food or pharmaceuticals. 


These sensors then transmit their data to the cloud where it can be monitored and adjusted from many miles away to keep products fresh, effective, and safe. Companies like Dickson, for example, offer both wireless data loggers and the cloud-based monitoring software necessary to track them from a central location.


Making it easier and more efficient for companies to ensure their sensitive products are stored and handled correctly is a major concern for these types of products. The ability to monitor the environment from far away lets companies use less manpower, monitor more accurately, and deal with emergencies faster and better. 


This IoT tech benefits the average consumer by ensuring that drugs are safe to take so they do what they should, and that food stays fresher longer and doesn’t create foodborne illnesses. Most consumers may never directly interact with this part of the IoT technology, but it definitely benefits most people every day. 


4. Smart Wearables

IoT technology is in businesses, the supply chain, your home, and now, on your body. Wearable IoT technology has become more popular in recent years, mostly in the form of smartwatches. These IoT devices can perform many functions like those on your phone or computer and, because they are physically connected to your body, offer other benefits as well. 


One of the biggest benefits of smart wearables is their application as healthcare devices. Employing IoT and software as a medical device (SaMD) technology, these fun and fashionable devices turn watches into something that can keep you healthier by monitoring health conditions, offering warnings for health issues, or reporting data to your doctors that they can monitor in real-time. 


5. IoT Security 

The internet of things has helped make homes and businesses much safer as well. The main way this is accomplished is by driving down the cost and technical setup of security cameras and systems. Such equipment used to require an entire standalone system to help you monitor your home or business. Now, with cloud-based smart security systems, it is easy to add cameras or alarms to your space and easy to monitor right from your phone or computer. 


You can add a smart doorbell camera on your front porch, smart motion-sensing flood lights, and an alarm system that you can monitor and control from a single, cloud-based app on your smartphone. Whether you are responsible for a business with multiple locations or just your own home, creating a securely monitored environment has never been easier or delivered more peace of mind. 



The internet of things is changing the way we live and work every day. These are just a few of the biggest ways we benefit in almost every aspect of life from IoT technology. Plenty of other methods exist and even more than these are surely coming in the future.