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5 Things to Know for March 21: New Zealand, Brexit, Boeing, Spa Scandal, Depression

first New Zealand

Less than a week after the Christchurch attacks, New Zealand takes serious action against arms laws. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced today that all military semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles and high capacity newspapers will be banned. The proposal goes to Parliament during the first week of April. Before that, New Zealand leaders can reclassify some semi-automatic weapons as "military style". Of course, this means that many New Zealand citizens will suddenly have illegal firearms. The country's cabinet has been given the task of creating a repurchase program, and there will be a period of "gun amnesty", during which citizens can release the newly banned firearms at police stations. A lobby group acknowledged the changes may not fit well with some of the members, but said it is in line with tougher laws and adds, "We are trying to emphasize a responsible way".

2nd Brexit

It was another dramatic day for British politics, and the big EU decision to delay Brexit has not even happened. UK Prime Minister Theresa May gave a television address confirming the Brexit delay blaming Members of Parliament and doubling on her controversial, often maligned exit agreements. She also excludes a second referendum and said she would not delay Brexit beyond June 30, the deadline she was pitching today in Brussels. It was obvious that British lawmakers were upset and went to social media to grouse. "Pitting parliament against the people of the present environment is dangerous and ruthless," wrote an opposition lawyer. At the same time, new numbers continue to show an uneven financial future in Post-Brexit UK. The banks are expected to move about $ 1
.3 billion out of the country and an estimated 7,000 finance jobs will follow.

3rd Boeing

A criminal investigation by Boeing progresses after two fatal crashes involving the company's 737 Max plan. The US Attorney's Prosecutor has issued lawsuits seeking information on the company's certification procedures for the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as its 737 Max marketing. The survey actually started in October 2018, after a 737 Max powered by Lion Air crashed in Indonesia. The rays remain grounded around the world, and the FAA says Boeing has developed a software patch and pilot training to address issues with its flight control computer operation. The US Air Force has also commissioned a review of training pilots for military pilots of major cargo and transport plans, including Air Force One. Airforce officials said it is a caution to make sure pilots know how and when to turn off automated pilot systems if they encounter problems.

4th Florida massage parlor scandal

Owners of New England Patriots Robert Kraft really do not want you to see video evidence of a meeting in a Florida massage parlor that led him to be charged with requesting prostitution. His lawyers filed a motion to block the disclosure of surveillance video and other evidence collected before being arrested. The state of Florida does not support the request, according to the movement. Power, 77, will also not accept an agreement in the case, a source told. Prosecutors have offered to release misdemeanor charges against Kraft and 24 other men in exchange for fines, community service and recognition they would be guilty of trial.

5th Postpartum Depression

For the first time, the FDA has approved a drug specifically for the treatment of postpartum depression. The intravenous infusion has been shown in clinical trials to treat the symptoms of postpartum depression within hours. However, there are some major obstacles for women who hope for treatment. The drug is administered only as a 60-hour IV drip that must occur in a supervised hospital environment. It will also be astronomically expensive: The company that developed the drug said it would cost about $ 20,000 to $ 35,000 per treatment.


What is the secret to Olive Garden's great comeback?

Actually, it actually means FEWER bread rods.

Jay-Z, Cyndi Lauper and Schoolhouse Rock! among recent recordings preserved by the congressional library

The library annually chooses 25 "audio taxes" to preserve, so future immigrants can quickly gain momentum on what humanity has been up to.

Jay-Z, Miley Cyrus and Halsey among Woodstock headliners

Wow, Jay-Z has had a good week.

Giant sunfish, weighing more than one car, washing up on Australia beach

Reason # 6458 to avoid the beach.

Peppa, the cartoon pig, is sexist, claims the London Fire Brigade

Well, there is one sentence you probably didn't think you would read today.


"They had it as a child They were unhappy for a few days, and they all turned out well."

Kentucky GOP Gov. Matt Bevin who said he made sure that his nine children caught chickenpox instead of vaccinating them. The CDC recommends two doses of the chickenpox vaccine between ages 1 and 4.
  Kentucky governor says he exposed his children to chickenpox rather than getting vaccine


$ 9.3 billion

The fine imposed by Google since 2017 by EU regulators to prevent competition. In response to a $ 1.7 billion fine this week, the search giant says it has already made a large number of changes to our products to address the Commission's concerns.



What do you get when you combine hip hop with the expression and passion for sign language? A musical experience like no other

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