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5 Cool Places to Visit This Winter

Some people are addicted to traveling. They want to know things that are happening globally. Instead of being told, they go to different places and have first-hand experience.

You gain a lot when you travel. First, it is an opportunity to see things that you have never seen before and interact with new people. Moreover, it is a time to re energize before you embark on the normal daily activities that you are used to.

The winter season gives rise to two distinct types of travelers. Some fear the cold weather and are running away from it. The other group is made up of those who love the weather and want to experience different places that have it.

Most people do not know where to go during winter. They spend a lot of time thinking of a location that suits them and still end up choosing the wrong one.

Are you stranded and do not know any destination to visit this winter? If you are a travel enthusiast looking for the best place to go, here are the cool places that you should consider:

Enjoy Your Winter in Scenic California

In California, winters are known to be a bit warm. The season is appealing for any visitor. Therefore, it is a place that you should not ignore as a winter travel enthusiast.

On the other hand, the desert temperatures are reduced to bearable levels. That means you have a variety of places to enjoy when in California. You should make it your top priority travel destination this winter.

Which places should you visit in California during this period? Here are a few exiting locations that can take your breath away:

  •     Lake Tahoe

This is a beautiful location in winter. Apart from enjoying the blue lake, there are surrounding snow-capped mountains that make your experience worth it. Most people who go here like skiing.

  •     Death Valley

During summer, this place is known to be very hot. When it is summer, the temperatures become bearable, and you enjoy it.

  •     Monterey Bay whale watching

The gray whales move to Mexico from Alaska during winter. Therefore, you should book the places where you can comfortably watch these whales.

These are just some places to go as you visit California in winter. The other areas include the Napa Valley and San Jose. However, you should go to California fully prepared so that you can enjoy the experience.

Visit Chicago for the Best Winter Experience

A lot of people like going to Chicago during winter. Traveling to Chicago is the best place to spend your winter holidays or even a weekend.

The temperatures in Chicago reach negative levels in some cases during winter. Moreover, there are instances where winter storms occur, and you should be prepared for such occurrences.

Why is winter the best time to visit Chicago? There is no crowding in the city, you get accommodation cheaply, and you can go and watch the snow-capped mountains not far from the city, among other great reasons.

The places you can visit include the Art Institute, where you see beautiful artifacts, Lincoln Park for your children to enjoy, and the famous Willis Tower. There is also Maggie Daley Park in Chicago, where you can go skating and do other sporting activities with your family.

A Good Winter Vacation in Las Vegas

Many people only associate Vegas pool parties and wild nightlife. However, you should know that the city is also an excellent winter destination. There are many things that visitors enjoy in Vegas.

Hot temperatures characterize summer in Vegas, while winters are mild. That is why people who live in states that are known to be too cold during winter find Vegas a good place for them. Moreover, it is easy to explore the city during the winter, as it has perfect weather for walking around the city.

What are the activities to do in Vegas during this period? Bellagio Conservatory is breathtaking during winter. There are also Chinese New Year celebrations adding more allure to the city.

Anybody can enjoy California at this time. Given that not a lot of people visit Vegas during winter, it is a good time to enjoy the entertainment events. Shows like Cirque du Soleil are there for you.

For the lovers of outdoor adventures, you are not left out either. There are locations like Lake Meade and Valley of Fire, where you can enjoy active leisure such as hiking. According to Forbes, if you want to enjoy outdoor adventures, guided tours are the best.

Visit the Breath-Taking Washington DC

Washington, DC, is a good place for you this winter. With the snowy streets, this is a place that you should never overlook as a traveling enthusiast. It is worth your time.

During winter, the temperature goes below five degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should prepare adequately before you travel. The advantage is that it is not crowded at this time.

According to the Thrillist, there are many interesting places to visit in Washington DС, including the Natural History Museum. Also, you can go to the National Zoo to watch exotic animals, or the National gallery if you are a lover of art, and Botanical Garden to see the beautiful tree decorations.

Enjoy the Wonderland of Berlin, Germany

According to USA Today, anytime is a good time to visit Germany. Most people, however, love going to Berlin in winter because the Christmas mood creates a memorable experience for them.

What are the best things to do in Berlin at this time? See the beautiful buildings in Dresden, cycle in Tiergarten, enjoy live music orchestra in Babylon, and tour the brewery. Berlin never disappoints.

The Final Word

Are you still worried about your winter destination? You already have several options to choose from. Take the destination you prefer and enjoy your travel.