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49ers linebacker Brock Coyle announces retirement after 49er's release

The 49ers have added their crime, signing former Eagles recipient Jordan Matthews.

Matthews, at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, can be the big body recipient the team has been looking for. In his five seasons in the NFL, Matthews has spent time Philadelphia, Buffalo and an offseason with the Patriots.

The Patriots cut Matthews as a result of a significant hamstring injury during the 2018 offseason. He was later signed by the eagles, where he appeared in 14 matches.

Matthews has 270 career receptions for 3 255 meters and 22 touchdowns. The majority of these touchdowns have been from the inside of the Red Zone, an area that has been a challenge to Kyle Shanahan's crime.

At the signing with the team, Matthews talked about why he chose 49ers.

"I had a great interest in wanting to be in such a place," Matthews said. "It has everything you want, as well as the culture of the team already, young, vibrant, good quarterback in Jimmy (Garoppolo). As a recipient, you couldn't ask for a better situation."

Matthews also has a unique link to the team , who is the cousin of the Hall of Fame broad receiver, Jerry Rice. He remembers going to San Francisco when he was very young but doesn't remember much.

When Matthews returned to the Bay Area a second time, it was to participate in a Raiders game when Rice was a member of the team. Matthews remembers wearing a 49ers hat for the Raiders-Broncos game.

Coach Kyle Shanahan has always stated that the size of the recipient does not matter as much as their ability to become open. Matthews believes it is one of the reasons why the team signed him.

"I feel I do three things really well," Matthews said. "I get open, I catch the ball, and I will block in the driving game. I feel that when I've been asked to play, I go out and do them.

" Last year we went back to Philly, where there were opportunities out there as they gave me, and each time they gave me an opportunity, I assured myself that it was capitalized on it. "The 49ers have been on Matthew's radar for a while, talking about what he has seen from the scrutiny line and how it made San Francisco an attractive landing site.

"I watch movies and watch guys like Trent Taylor have a good year (like a rookie), Kendrick Bourne can raise his game in no time. Even the tight end. Look at what (George) Kittle could do and how they got him in space.

"Marquise Goodwin is a player I have been watching for a long time. When he came here, it seemed that his career really started. And so I think they do lots of things to get guys in open space, and that is what I'm proud of. I'll be open. I'll catch the ball. I'll help the team win. "

Matthews has missed a time in the field because of injury but was sure he is currently healthy.

"I'm fine," said Matthews. "I feel as good as I came to the league. This whole place is electric right now. Just enter the building you can tell that there is a lot of excitement around the 49s."

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Matthews reunited with former teammate Miles Austin, now a member of the 49ers coaching staff. The two played together while the members of the eagles in 2015.

"I told Austin, I feel like I'm 22 again and go around here," Matthews said. "I am happy to come to work and get to know the guys in the locker room and try to build a winning culture."

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