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& # 39; America & # 39; s Got Talent & # 39; Recap Season 14, Section 11: Blind, Autistic Singer Kodi Lee Returns

For some reason, "America's Got Talent" has biased the quarterfinals with kids as singers, even bringing back one as their wildcard.

Is this the magic of all other acts, because the children's singers will take all seven places available, or is this a way to trim them down to a more reasonable number? Given that America is taking over the vote, it's really down to what they want.

Outside of the singers, we got to enjoy Alex Dowi's light art, Bir Khalsa's incredible danger, Greg Morton's many voices and the high kick of Emerald Belles. But it is only four acts out of eight.

Perhaps the most awaited act of the night was the blind, autistic singer Kodi Lee, who blew the judges and everyone away with their first audition, earning Gabrielle Union's golden buzzer.

He was joined this week by Julianne Hough's golden buzzer Luke Islam and our first wild-card act of the season, and returned after receiving clips in the previous round. Let's just say, she was pretty excited to get that call!

Who do I think I am? you ask. Well, I spent almost a decade of my life sweating and bleeding to music as a dancer. From a young boy who learned a shuffle-ball change to performing with St. Louis Ballet Company, I experienced the ups and downs of one of the most difficult physically demanding sports on the planet. During this time I was also a member of St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra, as well as a gymnast, writer and cartoonist. I had a lot more energy during my younger years. And I have spent the last seventeen years analyzing and criticizing reality contest programs for various media publications. I got this.

Fair warning, since I'm safe at home, I'll probably be a little harder than my colleagues Howie Mandel Gabrielle Union Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell . But I might as well be nicer. Perhaps.

And just for fun through this round, I will rank them from worst to first to see who comes out as my top 7 and winner each week.

Carmen Carter

(singer) What a strange choice for Carmen, tackling Imagine Dragon & # 39; s "Believe." Her voice did not seem to fit most, even as she tried to rearrange it for her powerful voice. But it is a song that does not float as she does, making for transitions all the time. Unfortunately, the whole show didn't do her enough to stand out and remember, nor did it show what makes her wonderfully vocal.

Greg Morton

(impressionist) Maybe it's just us, but there is still a connection between enjoying the many film impressions he can make and that see this as a headlining show in Las Vegas. We would still like to see some story in the set, rather than just continuous cilps. Or at least a theme for clips, or maybe original lines found in these movie worlds. He is good at what he does, but is that enough? However, we could definitely see that America loves him.

Ansley Burns

(singer) Another terrible song choice that made Ansley no advantage. She's such a spitfire personality and a lot of fun, but it's hard to see this show earning enough votes to move on. It showed nothing of her voice you couldn't see on a competent karaoke show.


(singer) If they don't win "EIGHT" ̵

1; and they won't – they only toned the theme song for their own Nickelodeon or Disney Channel -show. These girls have DNA from a bona fide girl group, but they are not really polished yet as singers to really put on the radio. But they have a great presence, charm and personality with a positive message for young girls … plus, the songs are eye-catching. There is definitely something special here.

Sophie Pecora

(singer) The song in her intro package was much stronger than the one she recorded on stage with her. It was actually her weakest song to date and at the worst possible time when America finally gets a chance to vote. Sophie has a special voice and ability to talk in a current way about life in her generation, but she missed the mark here when she tried to proselytize in generalities rather than just speak her truth. Maybe the package song will suffice.


Voices of Service

(singer) This was wrong to do here because this moment is about getting votes. This was the performance you made at the end of your show for the powerful encore. Producing the choir consisting of all five branches in the military is inspiring, but it also took away from the group, and the song didn't allow any of them to really shine in a meaningful or memorable way. It's a shame, because they are incredible.

Luke Islam

(singer) Luke has the pipes, but he has to learn to use his body if he wants to become an artist on Broadway. But the night's best child singer really has a connection to these songs and this genre. It's easy to imagine that "AGT" will put him right in his dreams, even if he's a longshot to win the show. His voice really rose throughout this piece.

Messoudi Brothers

(acrobats) Again, these guys know how to play for the audience and work disrobing to their routine. But it is the acrobatics that are incredible, because they show incredible strength, balance and confidence in each other. It is not as flashy as other acts, which can hurt the vote, but they are extremely gifted and dedicated to their craft.

Alex Dowis

(light artist) What an incredibly unique presentation, chronic development from the big bang to the present day with some truly amazing visual images. The speed with which he can create a dinosaur or early man is just amazing and how he integrates music and spoken words really makes this a magical and educational experience like no other.

Emerald Belles

(dancer) Yes, it is more high kicking and another fall in the divisions to wrap it up, but Belles really increased the complexity in their routine and, more importantly, the synchronicity of their movements. This was the closest they have ever been, and they made some really cool pictures throughout. Yes, it still feels like a high school or college grant, but that is what they are and they are very good at what they do. And tonight we saw glimpses of what they could become if they were to stick together and really grow as a unit with a clear vision.

Bir Khalsa

(danger act) These guys are absolute madmen, and although there were some parts of repetition, the chainsaw and heads with watermelons add a new feeling of danger that kept it exciting. The new guy who screamed all the time we could do without, but there is no denying that when dangers work this is one of the craziest and most compelling.

Kodi Lee

(singer) Although not as powerful as his first audition, Kodi still managed to hover on this cover of "Bridge Over Troubled Water . " He is truly an extraordinary talent and what a great gift for him and his family to have discovered. Moving on from here should be a no-brainer.


While we are at the top 7 above, we do not necessarily believe that America will stick with us. We expect Sophie Percora to come across the Messoudi brothers.

Greg Morton could act as a spoiler, but he went so early in the show and we really don't see him raising his act every time; rather, he only gets more impressions.

Another possibility is that America will not have Emerald Belles and Ansley Burns or GFORCE creep in next round, because we know how much America loves its child singers.

However, our final prediction is that Sophie will change with Messoudi and our Top 7 will otherwise move on in pace. And we expect you to vote in line with that! We'll all find out if you did when some of last season's favorites return – including winner Shin Lim – for the results.

"America's Got Talent" airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3 p.m. 20 ET on NBC.

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