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360,000 spring chinook dies at aging fish licking

Stephan Trembley, Assistant Fish Culturist Tutor of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Dept., holds salmon eggs from the annual egg at the Jordan River Dam in Raymond, Maine on November 17, 1998 (AP Photo / Joan Seidel)

ROSEBURG, Ore. (AP) – The American ward officials say 360,000 young salmon and eggs have died at a fishing tackle in western Oregon.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in a Press Release Friday says that spring Chinook died at the aging Cole Rivers Hatchery due to not getting enough oxygen.

Officials say that the construction of algae and lack of equipment allows silt and debris in the hatchery's water supply.

Officials say that the loss represents about 15 percent of the hatchery's inventory of eye eggs for spring Chinook, and about 1.9 million eggs remain.

Hatch coordinator Ryan Couture says the plant should be able to meet production targets, but final figures will not be known last spring.

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