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3 reasons why the cancellation of 2020 could benefit Spartans

Michigan State football may not play a single down in 2020 and it may not be the worst news. Why can this benefit the green and white?

Reports emerged on Thursday afternoon that the Big Ten could soon announce a conference season only 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

It may seem a little pointless as it would still force teams to travel hundreds of miles out of state, so it would only make sense if every Big Ten team had a game as far west as BYU or south to Florida or Texas. But the conference does its best to make sure that football happens regardless of the situation and although it will be far from normal, it is better than nothing.

For teams facing major changes in 2020, the changing season can actually benefit them. New buses and new starters would have another year to prepare for the full.

Michigan State is one of those teams that faces change when Mel Tucker takes over for Mark Dantonio and they could probably use a new year to prepare without spring ball or time to get really aligned with the team.

Heck, there is no guarantee that a season will even happen in time with cases that are constantly increasing over the past few weeks. If there is no season 2020, Michigan State can benefit.


7;s take a look at why Spartans can be good without a 2020 season or even a postponed season (starting in the spring).

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