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3 iPhone Models 2019

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Apple could be in the process of replicating the same mistake it made in 2018, leading to a 10 percent share price falling on January 4.

According to a report released by the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to release three iPhone models in 201

9. The problem is that many loyal Apple customers are not required to upgrade to newer models due to the strong performance and specifications of previous models .

Is Apple in trouble?

Apple has not officially revealed its plans to release three new models in 2019. But if it continues to develop new iPhone models, after a poor reception of the iPhone XS and XR, it could spell problems for the already struggling 720 billion giant.

This week, Chinese dealers have started selling the iPhone XR model with a 17.1 percent discount, lowering the price from $ 1,036 to $ 858 due to a lack of demand for newly issued iPhone models.

While Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, attributed the company's poor performance in the fourth quarter of 2018 to the potential tensions between China and the United States, analysts have said the trade war and the downturn in the Chinese economy had minimal impact on iPhone sales.

Instead, local analysts have reported that demand for cheaper alternatives like Huawei that match the specifications for the iPhone has started to increase rapidly.

Apple's Magic In previous years, its ability to revolutionize design and technology in mobile phones was to produce the next generation of smartphones. As the growth curve for the mobile sector has been challenged, it has become challenging for mobile manufacturers to differentiate newer models from previous models and drive consumers.

As a prestigious Japanese institution, Waseda said university professor Atsushi Osanai:

What we want from Apple is something that makes us emotional, even unknowingly, says, truly beautiful and sophisticated design that we cannot resist. Beefing up functional value, such as expanding camera functions, is not attractive because everyone else is doing exactly the same thing. "

Immediately after the publication of Tim Cook's publication letter on January 2, Theyge social networking columnist Casey Newton also added that mobile phone manufacturers are reaching a technological development and the level of innovation companies can use year after year decreases, consumers' desire to buy new models on an annual basis will naturally fall. .

"This was the first year in five that I didn't upgrade my iPhone. Two reasons: – The iPhone X was really good, and the battery life is still good – the 2018 models were functionally identical to the iPhone X, "Newton said .

Not exclusively for Apple

Samsung, LG and many major mobile phone manufacturers are struggling to deal with the same problem with Apple, and since competition in Huawei and Oppo continues to appear by offering better value for money to consumers, key players in the mobile market are at risk of seeing a decrease in dominance.

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