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2020 Democrats Are Starting To Turn Obama's Legacy Against Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden has used Barack Obama's beloved status among Democratic voters to insulate him from criticism from the massive field of candidates jockeying to the next president.

But in recent weeks, the Democratic frontrunner has had that legacy used against him, with his competitors pointing to the shortcomings of the last democratic administration as evidence that Biden's not up to the task of leading the next one.

"Barack Obama, personally, is incredibly popular among Democratic primary voters," Karthik Ganapathy, a progressive consultant now running his own firm, told The Daily Beast. “And at the same time, there has been growing recognition that income and wealth have improved during his eight years, the climate crisis got worse during his eight years, deportations went up during his time in office, and so on.” [1

9659004] The idea that Obama's legacy would be anything but a massive positive for Biden as he navigates the 2020 Democratic Party has been treated as indisputable within Democratic circles. And for good reason. A CNN poll task in early 2018 found that he had a 97 percent favorable rating among Democrats.

For a while, fellow Democrats running for the White House seemed content to simply avoid challenging the forms VP as he repeatedly referred his time in the Obama administration when touting his work on health care and beating back attacks on his record on race relations .

But that hesitancy has softened in recent weeks. On issues voting from immigration to health care and foreign policy, the 2020 candidates have been increasingly critical in their public assessments of the Obama administration. And they have used opportunities from the debate stage to candidate forums to try and turn Biden's ties to the forms president from and overwhelming asset into something more complicated.

Senator Bernie Sanders' (I-VT) campaign has used Obama's own words to challenge Biden's notion that Obamacare simply needs to be built upon. Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) challenged Biden over the Obama administration's deportation policies. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) Backed off for the Obama administration's 2015 Iran nuclear deal as originally written. And Governor Jay Inslee (D-WA) has attacked Biden for naivete about dealing with Republicans — in what has been interpreted as an implicit rebuke of Obama's own failure to fully grasp GOP recalcitrance.

The subtle targeting of Biden has come as democratic activists and progressives to continue with the Obama legacy as well. In particular, the trump administration's family separation policy and inhumane conditions in detention facilities have sparked a broader conversation among democratic voters about whether the Obama administration's own deportation policies laid the groundwork for the current controversies.

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