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2018 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Preseason Week 2 Believe it or not

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We get closer to real football, but last week was a good reminder that we're not there yet.

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Still see 69-yard touchdown passes and people get excited about things that recipients do with Geno Smith. None of these things sounds like the real football I know. What is real is that hype is created.

Let's sort through the second week of the week to see what, if anything, we should believe. Again thanks to everyone who tweeted their suggestions. I have included three of these tweets below.

Mike Williams is the second best receiver on charger.

Is not this what we want? After a frustrating rookie season plagued by injury, Mike Williams got a little buzz this offseason. His hulking touchdown catching in chargers second preseason game just added to the thrill. It also helped us to remind why Williams was a top 1

0 pick. He was probably the most talented recipient in last year's draft class, and he has a qualification suitable for production in the red zone. It is also a skillset no other receiver on the charger can match.

Rating: Do not believe in it.

You saw the Geno Smith suit. It's not enough to throw this game. It was worthy of honor. But it also happened in the third quarter against a seventh round corner. Chargers had two extended devices with Philip Rivers in the first quarter of this game. On the first unit, Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams played every snap while Travis Benjamin came in for three recipes. On the other device, Mike Williams got a snap, the same as Geremy Davis.

Mike Williams may be the second best receiver on charger, but with every indication we have he is no better than the fourth on the depth chart. Tyrell Williams is still the team's major recipient outside and he made a nice 21-yard reception at Rivers first pass in the game. Do I think that younger Williams would eventually show up? I hope so. But I will not go out as he already has.

Patrick Mahomes will make Tyrie Hill awesome, Sammy Watkins and a bust.

Okay, at least this happened to the starters. Mahomes released an absolute bomb to Tyreek Hill for a 69-yard touchdown in the second quarter against Falcons. The ball went beyond any completed pass in 2017, 7 meters further. It has been through three quarters that Mahomes is looking for – Hill, Kelce and Kareem Hunt. Sammy Watkins has been an afterthought, and when they have tried to force it to Watkins, the results have become cross-border disastrous.

Rating: Believe it.

Listen, I'm not sure Hill leads the league in the receiving lap but he will be a limit of 10 recipients in Fantasy. And I get why people call him a bust to the cost because we've never seen anyone do what he did from an efficiency perspective last year. But now he has a quarterback with a bigger arm and with all indications a worse defense. I'm not excited about the bosses from a profit-loss perspective, but they will be a lot of fun in imagination. Yes, most of them anyway.

Watkins did not get a goal in the first pre-season game, and I expected Mahomes to force him a bit in the second match of the team. He did, and the results were ugly. An interception, a dropped whistle and a drop from Watkins. It's fair to start wondering if Watkins is the reason he only got 70 goals in Los Angeles last year. He will have some great games, but luck to figure out when they will be. He is the fourth option in this crime.

Jameis Winston is also hosting a late pick.

I will translate Ryan tweet for you here. Is he hosting a late election? This preseason probably suggests that he is. Winston has completed 24 of 31 passes for two touchdowns and no interceptions. It's really an extension of where he ended in 2017. If you're just watching the games that Winston started and finished, he was in line for almost 5000 meters through the air. Tampa Bay's driving game looks the best right now and I expect another Winston bet on returning in week 4.

Rating: Believe it.

You can do a lot worse with your final non-kicker pick than a 24-year-old quarterback with top five up at the position. And Winston definitely has it on the face. Mike Evans should have a bouncing season, and Chris Godwin looks like he sets DeSean Jackson to give Winston a good alternative on the other side of the field. Bucs also has one of the best tight end duos in the league with Cameron Brate and O.J. Howard.

Trey Burton will be a top five long end.

I had to call back here a bit for Shannon. I do not think anyone believes that Burton jumps over Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce or Zach Ertz this year. But there is a wide chasm after that. Burton has Kelce's old coach Matt Nagy who led the crash and blinked upwards with four catches for 45 meters and a touchdown in the team's latest Preseason trip. Once you have come across the three major at the end, it's reasonable to believe that someone could finish No. 4, so why not Burton?

Rating: Do not believe in it.

It is strange that the bears spent on Burton this offseason when they already had Adam Shaheen, but as we saw in the team's first pre-season game, I still expect Shaheen that he is involved when he has recovered from his ankle injury. As we saw with Brate and Howard last year, sharing can really make it difficult for tight ends. Add to All Robinson, Tarik Cohen and the emergence of Anthony Miller, and it really starts to be hard to find the type of target volume Burton would have to be another manufacturer. I'm still taking the volume Greg Olsen and Delanie Walker or touchdown upward by Jimmy Graham and Kyle Rudolph. If you want to reach Burton in the hope of a breakout, it's great, but the numbers are not for your benefit. He is a low-end No. 1 tight end.

Peyton Barber begins to run back in Tampa Bay.

It is common to see beginners backs buried at the depth chart early in the offense. Sometimes it is because of passport protection, often it's only a case that the coach tries to make them serve the role. That's what we all thought when we saw Peyton Barber before Ronald Jones a few weeks ago, but if something strengthens Barber's grip on the role. It's good to bet on dynasty in dynasty leagues and a nice strategy in the late round, but in the middle of the rounds when you're desperate to start running back, Barber is what you need to work out.

Rating: Believe it.

Jones has fought with passport, against, takes handoffs and sees holes. It's quite a fraction of the equation to start running back. Barbers have meanwhile been the perfect professional. And it can be sold Barber card. He is a big back with good agility for his size and he ran for 1,017 yards and 13 touchdowns at Auburn against SEC defense. He is not a bum.

My guess would still be that Jones starts calculating things at a certain time and earns a bigger piece of pie, but Barber is a close lock to start week 1, and I would bet he still starts when Winston returns. Barber is a good guy to pair with Mark Ingram.

So what are you going to sweep into your Fantasy Football draft? And what huge jumpbacks do you need to jump everywhere? Visit SportsLine now to get the Fantasy Football cheat sheet from the model called Alvin Kamara's big breakout last season and find out.

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