Manager David Bell discusses some of the protocols for Red̵

7;s camp, which begins Friday, and his reaction to some of MLB’s new rules.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Two Cincinnati Reds players tested positive for COVID-19 before heading to Cincinnati for the spring term, a spokesman said Thursday.

Both players who tested positive are not in Cincinnati and do not live in Cincinnati. The Major League team reported to the spring camp camp on Wednesday. Before players can begin training, they must undergo COVID-19 testing and self-isolate for 48 hours.

“Prior to the testing done here at Great American Ball Park, two players in our organization tested positive,” said a Reds spokesman. “Neither lives in Cincinnati. Both were tested outside Cincinnati. Neither is currently in Cincinnati. We will update you with the information we can.”

According to MLB policy, teams cannot name the individuals who tested positive. There will be a 10-day damaged list, a 45-day damaged list and a COVID-19 list, which does not have a minimum or maximum number of days. Laws do not say which players are on the COVID-19 list because, unlike game-related injuries, it is not part of the collective agreement.

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