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15 best weekend deals: headphones, phones, TVs and more

We just have that so much time out before it starts to get cold. We have gathered offers from all over the internet on Bluetooth speakers, phones and headphones you can take with you to enjoy the fantastic outdoors. (Wear a face mask and stay six meters away from other people!) If you relax instead, we have found discounts on our favorite TVs and vacuum if you need to deeply clean your home.

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Telephone and accessories

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We have three great Android phones that you can get for a little less than their original price. Check out our best Android phones and best cheap phones guides for more recommendations.

  • Google Pixel 4 XL for $ 836 ($ 63 off): Pixel 4 XL has been discontinued by Google, but it is still a good buy. This is not the lowest price we have seen, but it will probably not be sold as long as stock expires. It has an excellent camera, a really nice screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and you get extra benefits such as wireless charging. The downside? Battery life is impossible to label.

  • OnePlus 7T T-Mobile Version for $ 399 ($ ​​200 off): This phone was our ongoing choice in our best Android phone guide for a better part of the year. We recently removed it because the unlocked model is no longer in stock (it looks like OnePlus is trying to clear out its stock). But you can get the T-Mobile version for $ 200 off. This phone was already a great value, but at this price, it’s a steal. You get a great screen, phenomenal performance and solid cameras. It should work on other GSM networks like AT&T, but unlocking it can be a hassle.

  • Moto Edge for $ 500 ($ 200 discount): This is a discounted launch price with a limited time – it will return to $ 700 MSRP eventually. At $ 500, it’s a pretty solid phone with good performance, almost two days of battery life and decent cameras. The screen bends towards the edges, which makes it a little uncomfortable to hold, but if you like the look, you will enjoy this phone.

  • Total iPhone Case for $ 5 ($ 30 off): Totallee is clearing out its stock of older iPhones to make room for the upcoming iPhone 12. So if you have or get an iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS or iPhone X, you can nab choose cases for just $ 5. Some screen protectors are also equally discounted.

Headphones and speakers

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