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145 CEOs urge Senate to "take action" in gun legislation

With Congress now back in session following an August recess, the 145 company executives sent a letter to Senate leaders urging them to take action against gun background checks and "red flag" legislation. The press for more aggressive gun reform comes in the wake of recent firearms in Texas and Ohio .

"As the leader of some of America's most respected companies and those with significant business interests in the United States, we write to you because we have a responsibility and obligation to stand up for the safety of our employees, customers, and all Americans in the communities we doing anything about the US violent crisis is simply unacceptable and it's time to stand with the American public about gun safety, "wrote the business leaders.

The letter includes support from major companies such as Conde Nast, Dicks Sporting Products , AirBnB, Post Cameras and Bain Capital among others, leaders from social media companies including Twitter and Reddit also signed the letter.

In their appeal to Capitol Hill, the CEOs asked the Senate to follow the House's leadership by passing legislation that would update the nation's database for background checks in an attempt to help "keep weapons out of the hands of the fair people who should not have them. "

" Background checks on all gun sales are a common-sense solution with overwhelming public support and are a critical step toward aggravating the gun violence epidemic in this country, "they wrote.

The bipartisan bill, HR-8, would require background checks on private arms sales ̵

1; including those from gun shows and made over the internet – and would close loopholes for certain types of arms sales. A Senate votes on such legislation, but has not yet been formally scheduled. The democratically controlled House approved the bill in February with a vote of 240- 190, with eight Republicans and all but two Democrats supporting it.

Business leaders also lent their support to expand the laws on extreme risk protection or "red flag" laws to allow families and local law enforcement to intervene through a court when be a serious risk of injuring themselves or others when they have access to weapons.

"These proposals are common sense, bipartisan and are generally supported by the American public. It is time for the Senate to take action, "adds the CEO.

Although there has been little concrete movement for legislation to fix gun reforms, some of the companies that have signed the letter have taken gun control in their own hands – by remove access to weapons in their respective stores or to cut ties with the gun lobby to reduce the influence it has on retail as a whole.

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