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106 new cases of coronavirus were reported in southwestern Illinois

Health officials in southwestern Illinois reported a total of 111 new cases of COVID-19 across the subway on Monday, topping a one-day record in a county.

St. Clair and Madison counties accounted for 99 new cases of the virus. St. Clair County reported a total of 54 new cases, while Madison County reported 45, its highest one-time increase since the new coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

Monday’s increase was 16 higher than Madison County’s previous record day when 29 cases were reported on Sunday, July 12. County officials reported Monday̵

7;s positivity is 11.54%.

Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler said he believes the total case will continue to increase as the test increases, noting that of the county’s 1,377 cases, only three were in the intensive care unit.

He said that the county’s main concern right now is nursing homes, where the virus has taken a heavy toll on the elderly. But he said the situation has improved overall.

“It’s still a big problem,” Prenzler said. “It continues to be a concern.”

Madison County also reported another virus-related death, a man in the 80s.

St. Clair County now has 2,602 cases of coronavirus and 145 deaths, leading the subway in both statistics.

Madison County is the second highest county with 1,377 cases and 71 deaths. Most cases in the metro east have come from these two counties.

Seven of the 111 additional cases reported on Monday came from Monroe County and five were reported in Randolph County.

The state announced 883 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Monday and six more virus-related deaths.

Illinois has seen a total of 7,193 deaths during the pandemic as of Sunday, officials reported. A total of 154,799 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus, while more than 1.9 million people have been tested for COVID-19.

As of Sunday, all areas of Illinois except the central and north central regions still met all state metrics to remain in Phase 4 of the reopening plan. The central region and the north central region both fall on one of the measured values, growth in hospital admissions over the past 28 days.

Here is the latest available statistics for southwestern Illinois county. The number in parentheses reflects how the new daily sum is compared with the previous day in total. Subtractions occur when a COVID-19-positive patient is misdiagnosed or moves away from the area.


Monday’s new data: 54 new positive results, 279 new tests administered, 35 new recoveries

Total total: 2,602 positive, 145 deaths, 22,989 tested administered, 37 pending results, 1,895 recoveries, 31 hospitalizations, one person on ventilators

Postcodes with positive entries (Postcodes with five or fewer cases are not reported):

  • 62059 (Brooklyn): 7
  • 62201 (East St. Louis): 146 (+2)
  • 62203 (East St. Louis, Centerville, Washington Park, Caseyville): 86 (+1)
  • 62204 (East St. Louis): 84
  • 62205 (East St. Louis, Alorton, Centerville): 97 (+5)
  • 62206 (East St. Louis, Cahokia): 235 (+6)
  • 62207 (East St. Louis, Centerville, Alorton): 134 (+2)
  • 62208 (Fairview Heights): 132 (+3)
  • 62220 (Belleville, Smithton): 231 (+4)
  • 62221 (Belleville): 221 (+3)
  • 62223 (Belleville, Swansea): 94 (+3)
  • 62226 (Belleville, Swansea): 266 (+5)
  • 62232 (Fairview Heights, Caseyville): 55 (+1)
  • 62239 (Dupo): 23 (+1)
  • 62243 (Freeburg): 12
  • 62254 (Lebanon): 103
  • 62255 (Lenzburg): 8
  • 62257 (Marissa): 13
  • 62258 (Mascoutah, Fayetteville): 31 (+1)
  • 62260 (Millstadt): 21 (+2)
  • 62264 (New Athens): 60
  • 62269 (O’Fallon): 144 (+2)
  • 62285 (Smithton): 23


Monday’s new data: 45 new positive results, 390 new tests administered

Total in total: 1,377 positive, 71 deaths, 24,262 administered tests, 658 recoveries, 111 hospitalizations

Zip code with positive:

  • 62002 (Alton, East Alton, Godfrey): 191
  • 62010 (Bethalto): 49
  • 62018 (Alton, Bethalto, East Alton): 11
  • 62024 (East Alton): 19
  • 62025 (Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Pontoon Beach, Roxana): 166
  • 62034 (Glen Carbon): 97
  • 62035 (Godfrey): 69
  • 62040 (Granite City, Pontoon Beach): 230
  • 62060 (Granite City, Madison, Venice): 55
  • 62062 (Maryville): 20
  • 62090 (Madison, Venice): 14
  • 62095 (Wood River): 31
  • 62234 (Collinsville, Pontoon Beach, State Park Place): 169
  • 62249 (Highland): 26
  • 62294 (Troy): 47
  • 62067 (Moro) 8


Monday’s new data: No new data

Total total: 319 positive, 7 deaths, 3,723 administered tests, no hospital admissions, 270 recoveries

Zip code with positive:

  • 62233 (Chester): 118
  • 62237 (Coulterville): 7
  • 62241 (Ellis Grove): 7
  • 62242 (Evansville): 7
  • 62272 (Willisville, Percy): 50
  • 62278 (Red Bud): 23
  • 62286 (Sparta): 57
  • 62288 (Steeleville): 33


Monday’s new data: Five new cases

Total total: 255 positive, 17 deaths, no hospitalizations, 227 recoveries

Zip code with positive:

  • 62230 (Breese): 28
  • 62231 (Carlyle): 88
  • 62265 (New Baden): 45
  • 62293 (Trenton): 11
  • 62801 (Centralia): 70


Monday’s new data: Seven new cases

Total total: 162 positive, 12 deaths

Zip code with positive:

  • 62236 (Columbia): 59
  • 62295 (Valmeyer): 14
  • 62298 (Waterloo): 76


Monday’s data: No new data

Total in total: 72 positive, four deaths, 6,399 administered tests, 65 recoveries, 34 pending tests

Zip code with positive:

  • 62012 (Brighton): 17
  • 62069 (Mount Olive): 11
  • 62088 (Staunton): 9


Monday’s new data: No new data

Total total: 61 positive, 55 recoveries, one death

Zip code with positive:

  • 62238 (Cutler): 6
  • 62274 (Pinckneyville): 14
  • 62832 (From Quoin): 18


Monday’s new data: No new data

Total total: 44 positive, one death, 34 recoveries

Zip code with positive:


Monday’s new data: No new data

Total total: 25 positive, 19 recoveries


Monday’s new data: No new data

Total total: 22 positive, one death, 12 recoveries, 1,999 administered tests

Zip code with positive:


Monday’s new data: No new data

Total total: Two positives, one recovery

State, nation, world statistics

Here are the latest available statistics from the Illinois Department of Public Health and Johns Hopkins University’s coronavirus map as of Monday afternoon:

  • Illinois: 154,799 cases, 719 deaths
  • United States: 3,346,246 cases, 135,477 deaths, 1,006,326 recoveries
  • World: 13,006,764 cases, 570,776 deaths, 7,163,038 recoveries

Want to help? Here are some ideas

BND has compiled a list of ways you can help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Go to BND. com to learn about the possibilities of volunteering your time or donating to help communities in the metro east without risking yourself or others.

You can sew face masks, read stories to people with vision loss and deliver meals to the elderly.

If you know of a reputable charity that is looking for help that is not available, tell us about it. Send an email to [email protected] or fill out BND’s Southwest Illinois Coronavirus Service and Assistance Guide online at BND.com.

Get the latest coronavirus news

BND.com will keep you updated throughout the day with information about the spread of the coronavirus in southwestern Illinois.

You can also find the most complete and up-to-date information from government websites including:

State of Illinois’ COVID-19 Page: coronavirus.illinois.gov

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/cases-updates/summary.html

Federal Government Coronavirus Page: cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html

Who to call about mental health

Here are some resources from mental health professionals for anyone struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Touchette Regional Hospital’s Mental Health Support and Resource Line: Call 618-482-7158 to speak with trained therapy staff.
  • Illinois Human Services Mental Health Division’s Call4Calm: Text free word “talk” to 552020.
  • Centerstone of Illinois, Inc .: Call 618-462-2331 for virtual mental health services.
  • Chestnut Health Systems: Call 618-877-4420 for virtual mental health services.
  • Drugs and Alcoholics Anonymous: Call 618-398-9409 or email [email protected] to learn about virtual meetings.
  • Regional Disaster Mental Health Volunteer Response Team: Call a health care support line at 618-381-5173.

Contact BND with tips, problems, suggestions

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We would like to hear from healthcare professionals

BND would like to talk to nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals who are in the front line who take care of patients in doctor’s surgeries, clinics and hospitals during this difficult time. We are interested in hearing about your challenges and rewards, frustrations and achievements. How does this affect you? Send us an email at [email protected]

Want to share your COVID-19 story?

Have you recovered from coronavirus or are you about to recover from COVID-19? We would like to hear from you about how you managed your respiratory illness. Send us an email at [email protected]

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