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10.9 million names now aboard NASA’s endurance Mars Rover

As part of NASA’s “Send your name to Mars” campaign, they have been stenciled on three microchips along with essays from NASA’s “Name the Rover” competition. Next stop: March.

The “Send Your Name to Mars” campaign invited people around the world to
Submit their names to ride the agency’s next rover to Red Planet. Certain
10 932 295 people did just that. The names stencils of the electron beam
on three fingernail sized silicon chips, along with the essays of 155
finalists in NASA’s “Name Rover” competition
chips were then each
attached to an aluminum plate on NASA̵

7;s Perseverance Mars rover at Kennedy
Space Center in Florida on March 16. Scheduled to launch this summer, Perseverance will land on Jezero
Crater on February 18, 2021.

three chips share space on the anodized plate with a laser etched graphic showing
Earth and Mars are joined by the star that gives light to both. While
remember rover connecting the two worlds, the simple illustration too
pays tribute to the elegant line art of the plaque aboard the Pioneer spaceship
and golden discs worn by Voyagers 1 and
. Attach in the middle of
Rover’s transom beam, the plate will be visible to cameras at Perseverance’s

coronavirus has not affected the launch schedule for Mars Perseverance rover. The
The installation was one of the many activities recently performed by
Endurance mounting, testing and starting operating team. On March 21, the team
started to reconfigure the rover so that it can mount the Atlas V rocket. Step
included stowage of the robot arm, lowering and locking in place of the remote control
Detect mast and high gain antenna and retract its legs and wheels.

Perseverance rover is
a robotic scientist weighing just under 2,300 pounds (1,043 kilos). It will
look for signs of past microbial life, characterize Mars’ climate and
geology, collect samples for future return to earth and help pave the way for
human exploration of the red planet.

JPL, a division of Caltech
in Pasadena, builds and will manage Mars Perseverance operations
rover for NASA. The Agency’s Launch Services program, based on the Agency’s
Kennedy Space Center, Florida, is responsible for launch management. March
The 2020 project with its Perseverance rover is part of a larger program that
includes missions to the moon as a way to prepare for human exploration of
Red planet. NADA is charged with returning astronauts to the moon in 2024
establish a lasting human presence on and around the moon 2028 through
NASA’s monthly exploration plans for Artemis.

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